Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Refund Anticipation Loans are Still Available to Taxpayers Despite Rumors

Refund anticipation loans are still available to taxpayers despite rumors and predictions from competing financial institutions

Refund Anticipation Loans
Many large credit unions, banks, and top financial executives have argued with lawmakers about refund anticipation loans (RALs). These companies want to make refund anticipation loans illegal because the fast cash alternatives that RALs offer ultimately hurt their businesses. Many financial executives have predicted that refund anticipation loans would be an illegal practice by 2014. Unfortunately for them, refund anticipation loans are not only still 100% legal, but the demand for this service is growing exponentially.

Refund anticipation loans are popular among low-to-middle class Americans, single-parents, and borrowers with bad credit

Refund anticipation loans are ideal for people who need (or want) their tax return cash faster than the IRS can process their returns. For example, if a taxpayer has filed his or her taxes and expects to get $700 back, he or she can apply for a refund anticipation loan for that amount. As of right now, most direct lenders are granting loans up to $1000.

Refund anticipation loans are here to stay

Despite rumors and reports, the fast cash loan industry and the popular refund anticipation loan are not going anywhere. There is no other industry that can offer the same services at the same rates. For more information on a refund anticipation loan from, please click here.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

eTax Loan Reviews – Get a Great Deal on a RAL at

eTax Loan Reviews – Thousands of Taxpayers Got a Great Deal on RAL's from

eTax Loan Reviews
There are thousands of short-term tax advance companies to choose from. However, not all tax advance companies are alike. In fact, many tax advance companies are single-handily responsible for getting a taxpayer in over their heads in debt due to negligence or failing to look over an applicant’s entire financial situation. We sent a few would-be borrowers, Alex, Cameron, and Trisha, to apply for an eTax Loan through Here’s what we found:

eTax Loan Review—Trisha, a retail manager

“I was really excited when I was asked to give an eTax Loan review. I had always heard good things about them, but never had the opportunity to try them out. First off, the application process was easy. I think it took me 5 minutes to complete. I clicked submit at the bottom of the page and I was happy to see that I was instantly approved. The direct lender that called me after was pleasant, easy-going, and he walked me through the entire process. He didn’t know I was going to give an eTax Loan review. I was approved for $800 and it was deposited into my bank account the very next day. My credit was never checked and there weren’t any surprises. Overall it was great! Next time I need a tax loan, I’ll definitely apply with eTax Loan.” –Trisha, CA.

eTax Loan Review—Alex, a cook

“I take out payday loans on a regular basis. ETax Loan was the first company I applied for a RAL with. Honestly, I felt like the entire tax loan process was very similar to the payday loan process. I was shocked at how fast I got my tax return cash. I applied on a Thursday afternoon and had cash in my account by Friday morning. I am happy I was able to give this eTax Loan review! They really do give you the best bang for your buck.”—Alex, TX.

eTax Loan Review—Cameron, a construction worker

“I’m no stranger to the world of refund anticipation loans, so when I say eTax Loan is the best, I mean it. Their low fees, fast deposit time, and friendly customer service really made the entire process simple. Choose eTax Loan for your RAL!” Cameron, MA.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Liberty Tax Refund Anticipation Loan is a high-cost financial service with low-satisfaction rates

The Liberty Tax Refund Anticipation Loan is a high-cost financial service with low-satisfaction rates

Liberty Tax Refund Anticipation Loan - Green Leaf Loan Group
Liberty Tax is one of the fastest-growing tax preparation services. Millions of Americans each year choose a Liberty Tax preparer to file their taxes. Another popular service Liberty Tax offers is their Liberty Tax Refund Anticipation Loan. After the preparer has filed a taxpayer’s taxes, he or she will give the taxpayer the option to receive the amount of their refund at that time for a substantial fee. Many taxpayers opt for this fast-cash service. However, few know that there are faster and cheaper options.

The Liberty Tax Refund Anticipation Loan is a franchise-designed service

Liberty Tax is a franchise. Franchises have to pay a certain percentage of their sales to the CEO of the company. Any franchise-based service is more expensive than a typical company’s due to the increased costs that a franchise owner has. Many taxpayers think that the Liberty Tax Refund Anticipation Loan is a great deal, when in reality, they will end up paying a premium compared to other direct lender-based refund anticipation loan companies.

The Liberty Tax Refund Anticipation Loan isn’t worth your time or your money

If you need a loan against your tax return, chose a Green Leaf Loan Group Direct Lender Loan instead. While, the Liberty Tax Refund Anticipation Loan is an expensive service that’ll cost you more than you want to pay, our won't.

If your ready to apply then go to our website and "Gitter Done"!