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Sunday, March 9, 2014

eTax Loan Reviews – Get a Great Deal on a RAL at

eTax Loan Reviews – Thousands of Taxpayers Got a Great Deal on RAL's from

eTax Loan Reviews
There are thousands of short-term tax advance companies to choose from. However, not all tax advance companies are alike. In fact, many tax advance companies are single-handily responsible for getting a taxpayer in over their heads in debt due to negligence or failing to look over an applicant’s entire financial situation. We sent a few would-be borrowers, Alex, Cameron, and Trisha, to apply for an eTax Loan through Here’s what we found:

eTax Loan Review—Trisha, a retail manager

“I was really excited when I was asked to give an eTax Loan review. I had always heard good things about them, but never had the opportunity to try them out. First off, the application process was easy. I think it took me 5 minutes to complete. I clicked submit at the bottom of the page and I was happy to see that I was instantly approved. The direct lender that called me after was pleasant, easy-going, and he walked me through the entire process. He didn’t know I was going to give an eTax Loan review. I was approved for $800 and it was deposited into my bank account the very next day. My credit was never checked and there weren’t any surprises. Overall it was great! Next time I need a tax loan, I’ll definitely apply with eTax Loan.” –Trisha, CA.

eTax Loan Review—Alex, a cook

“I take out payday loans on a regular basis. ETax Loan was the first company I applied for a RAL with. Honestly, I felt like the entire tax loan process was very similar to the payday loan process. I was shocked at how fast I got my tax return cash. I applied on a Thursday afternoon and had cash in my account by Friday morning. I am happy I was able to give this eTax Loan review! They really do give you the best bang for your buck.”—Alex, TX.

eTax Loan Review—Cameron, a construction worker

“I’m no stranger to the world of refund anticipation loans, so when I say eTax Loan is the best, I mean it. Their low fees, fast deposit time, and friendly customer service really made the entire process simple. Choose eTax Loan for your RAL!” Cameron, MA.