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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why a Small Payday Cash Advance is the Best for You and Your Family

Why a small payday cash advance is the best for you and your family

Small Payday Cash Advance
Most large banks and financial institutions offer personal loans at moderately low interest rates. Many people are attracted to these loans. But there’s a catch—banks typically won’t lend a borrower less than $1000. And each borrower can expect a credit check. The people who do get over the credit check hassle and actually receive a bank loan are often in debt for years. A small payday cash advance is different than a bank loan. Instead of taking out a massive loan that could trap you into payments for years, with a small payday cash advance you can wipe out your loan debt in just a couple of weeks.

A payday cash advance is a short-term loan

A payday cash advance is a fee-based loan against a potential borrower’s upcoming paycheck. Borrowers can only take out an advance in the amount of their upcoming paycheck or lower. This way, a borrower will never take out more money than they can handle.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Is a Small Payday Cash Advance Best?

Is a Small Payday Cash Advance Best?

small payday cash advancesBigger isn't always better, and this maxim holds true when it comes to payday cash advances. After all, if you take out a big cash advance, you're responsible for paying back interest on every dollar. On the other hand, with a small payday cash advance, you have to pay much less interest, as the principal is lower, even if the interest rates are the same, and they will often be lower for smaller loans than big ones. You can see why it's an advantage to borrow a smaller amount of money whenever possible.

The disadvantages of a big advance are numerous. It's harder to find them, as payday lenders are reluctant to give out large sums of cash and risk losing it all at once when they could give several smaller loans to others and lessen the impact of losing any one of those loans to a defaulting borrower. Because of this higher risk, the interest rates are also higher, and there's a good chance you will have to undergo a credit check to take out a larger loan.

A small payday cash advance is more readily available, more easily paid back, and costs less than a bigger one, since you are being charged interest on fewer overall dollars. When it comes time to repay the payday cash advance, it won't make such a big impact on your paycheck, so you'll have more money to live on until the following paycheck. It's clearly a good idea to opt for this choice if at all possible.

It's not always possible to take out a small payday cash advance, however. You can tell which option you need if you do some budgeting, as you should already be doing in preparation for taking out the advance. Plug in the numbers to see what the impact on your next two weeks or month will be when paying back the smaller amount versus a larger loan, and calculate just how much you will need in order to pay off crucial bills.

payday cash advancesFees and interest rates are two of the most important things to examine in detail before deciding which small payday cash advance offer to accept. Any extension options are worth noting, just in case it becomes necessary to delay your repayment of the advance. A small payday cash advance can grow bigger if you extend since you'll pay more for having the money longer!

Small payday cash advances might be just the right amount of help you need in order to get through to your next payday or beyond.

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